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One Piece Manga 963 Chapter Released Online - It's such a pleasure to follow oden on his adventure and to witness the change he brought. Flashbacks with characters such as noland or tiger were already great, but he's another level when it comes to charisma. Also loved the little summaries of how he met the scabbards. He really gathered the biggest weirdos he could find. Orochi is such a scumbag, tho. I'm sure oden's execution and orochi's part in it will piss me off for real and I dunno how I'm gonna handle that. Whitebeard was mentioned a lot in wano arc, and now we see izo in the flashback! I think the former whitebeard pirates are coming to help luffy in wano. Whitebeard's last order was for marco and the others to keep luffy alive no matter what, and my guess is that the order is not just for the battle in marineford. Marco did say he gotta take care of his captain's legacy, but I think he's gonna come at some point to take care of king. Oden always kept unintentionally gathering followers when he never intended to in the first place. But as an ironically responsible person took them all under his wing regardless. He's a good guy at heart but the citizens and common folk misunderstand him like how orochi used his bad reputation to sneak away that stolen money with non the wiser except yasui.

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This is Page 1 of One Piece 963, click or swipe the image to go to Page 2 of the manga. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePieceHype. Catch the latest one piece manga 963, check this blog regularly for the updates of one piece - chapter 963: in Full Color & Ch 963 100 out of 100 based on 5 ratings. It seems oda was playing us like a fiddle. It's starting to look like he was misleading us to believe the traitor was a scabbard and that's how orochi knows their plans but knowing oda, even if we know everything we truly know nothing.  
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Nekomamushi and inuarashi are entering the story thirty six years ago, starting this chapter. Neko's exact words in zou after kinemon's entrance was : " we have been friends with the kozuki family for longer than I care to say" which we assume means since he was a kid which aligns with events of this chapter and previous flashbacks. However zou is thousand years old, poneglyphs were made sometime in the void century we assume, by the kozuki! That is without even factoring in lady toki and all her intricacies which would make all this even more weird. That would mean minks relationship with kozuki is different from kozuki relationship with zou itself. If minks only befriended kozuki in oden time, which next chapters will reveal. Meaning besides inu and neko and a select few, not all minks would feel that loyal to the kozuki although we seen them all fight vs jack. I believe somewhere in all this lies a big clue that ties everything together, and considering the latest editor interview where he said wano will hint at the one piece itself.

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